Donnerstag, 15. September 2016

Yarn Along

Recently, I finished a cardigan for me. Only the loose ends are left and I need to sew on the buttons. This step is crucial for my handcrafted projects, sometimes it takes weeks to do it...
On my needles is also a cute dress for my daughter. A mixture of the eli dress and the flora dress. I needed to stop knitting it as I ran out of yarn - again...
So it was time to start something new. And as I was asked by my son when I will knit something for him again, I looked out for a nice hoodie pattern. There are some really nice patterns at but in the end I decided to knit Side Squiggles incorporating the really cool dragon or dino spikes of this sweater
What I really love about a new project is that I can always learn something new. Here it is especially the nice front pocket, something my son will love, I absolutely sure =)
The next picture was taken at the playground while the children played really nice together. This doesn't happen very often and I enjoyed the moment even more and soaked it all in for the unpleasent situations down in grey november ;-)