Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2016

Winterschaf - Yarn Along

 Some time during winter I started a big project. A sweater for my husband was on my list for some time now. I had in mind I stripy sweater out of undyed yarn. That sounded really appealing to me, plus I had the ok or better the full support of my husband. He really enjoyed it that I will be knitting something for him. Never before did I start such a big project. My sister gifted each of my children a hand knitted Flax sweater from Tin Can Knit and I decided to try this as well for an adult. 
I ordered my undyed yarn at Finkhof Wolle in the colours light grey and grey-brown. The gauge was a bit different and I had to calculate a bit. At the time I was starting the sweater a dear friend wrote something about knitting two-coloured. I was reading it curiously, wanting to knit that way for a long time. So finally I decided to spice up the stripes with a pattern. Oh I had so much fun, creating the pattern and knitting it. In the beginning it was really awkward but little by little I was doing better. I was knitting frantically, it was such a joy. When knitting two-coloured I am holding both colours with my left hand and take the different yarns alternating.
My plan was to finish it in the autumn, so there was plenty of time. Instead as I was having so much fun knitting it the sweater was finished already two months later. Record time for me!
It suits my husband nicely and he is really satisfied with his winter-sheep pullover. And ask me! I am more than satisfied with it. Such a nice pattern and what a joy to knit two-coloured.

There was a fun episode while knitting it. I am freezing a lot in the winter time and for some reason don't have too many jumpers which are really warm. So at some time while knitting the pullover it came up my mind that I would need such a pullover as well. Isn't it obvious that I need it? I definitely need one as well. It already assumes a definite shape. I fancy with the pattern Anna's Lopapeysa. For the yoke I have some of my plant-dyed yarn in mind. The rest will be undyed white or light grey yarn. Wouldn't it be great to have such a wooly, warm sweater in the winter days? Oh yes!

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