Mittwoch, 11. November 2015

Yarn Along

I stopped the work on my "golden autumn leave hat" to start a pixie hat for a new little one of a friend. If a friend gives birth to a new baby we usually gift them with a woolen, knitted pixie hat, breastfeeding tea for the mama and coffee pralinees for the papa. Everybody for their needs :-)
During the weekend I had a lot of knitting time surprisingly, so the little hat is nearly finished already. Only one row is missing before it is knitted together. I use this pattern.
By the way, the wool was once gifted to me by Fräulein Rucksack. It is wonderful purple, soft Merino Yarn. Two or three babys were able to wear this yarn already and the small doll of my son got some pants fromt his wool as well. Thanks a lot for this wonderful gift!!

See what the others are knitting!


  1. Beautiful blue color! I love knitting baby hats, so quick and satisfying, not to mention adorable on said babies :-)

    1. Oh yes, adorable on the babies. This is so true :-)

  2. Das freut mich sehr!
    Da krieg ich grad Lust auf Pixie-Stricken... für die Große, Baby und Babynichte brauchen erstmal Fäustlinge...