Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

Yarn Along

Fresh back from vacation I did cast on for a new Quynn hat. It is one of the rare patterns I payed for, but it is really, really worth it. During vacation I knitted a Quynn for my son and he suggested to use pink, rose and lillac yarn. It is already finished and he likes wearing it. Knowing that my 5 year old goddaughter loves these colours as well I started a hat for her too. These few rows are the result of one hour knitting. I wonder how some people manage to knit the hat in four hours.

And here are the other knitters joining Ginny's invitation.


  1. Great colors. I love knitting hats - they go so fast!

  2. I'm a slow knitter - I would certainly not be finishing in four hours either so you're in good company :-) Your goddaughter will love it!